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Rolando Pacheco Dance Schools is a dance academy that prides themselves at teaching the highest standard of  dance.  Rolando Pacheco the artistic director originally from CUBA graduated from the conservatory of "Bellas Artes dela Havana"  and established himself as one of the directors for Alicia Alonzo obataining over 30 years of experience leading professional production companies around the world, and in 2004 Rolando Pacheco resided in the United States starting his professional school. No where else in South Texas will you be able to find this level of expertise to enable students to dance professionally anywhere in the world.


The Classical Ballet Cuban Method 

Our programs follow the renowned Cuban Ballet Method, which has a romantic feel that combines the high Russian extension with the fancy Italian footwork and French arm artistry. The Cuban Method has evolved from the Vaganova method, emphasizing dancing with the entire body, promoting harmonious movement among arms, legs and torso and combining the Italian Cecchetti and the French method of dance. In the Cuban Method, the torso is the foundation of all movement; its work is very clean and precise. The dancer's torso, for that reason, needs to be strong and under impeccable alignment and control. These are just some of the things that make the Cuban Ballet Method unique.

Our school attempts to train students so they can acquire the necessary practice and skills to perform in ways that put the Cuban Ballet Method to practice.






The formation of the Cuban School of Ballet is comprised of the joint work of the three pillars of classical dance in Cuba: Alicia Alonso, world famous dancer and Prima Ballerina Assoluta; Fernando Alonso: a great teacher who seeks ways to create dancers who are able to express and convey with their bodies the emotional needs and technical vocabulary of dance; and Alberto Alonso: master choreographer who is capable of creating new dance languages. From these great teachers the Cuban Ballet Method has flourished

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